I_Love_Miss_Navida_Stephany“Miss Navida’s here!  Miss Navida’s here!”, is a familiar refrain as one child pokes their head out of the classroom and sees Miss Navida coming down the hall carrying her keyboard and rhythm instruments.  “Miss Navida’s here!” is a call to action for the class to push back the desks, find their own space and get ready to be a part of the stories and music Miss Navida has to share that day.

Miss Navida has been telling stories and singing songs with children of all ages for many years!  Her performances and workshops take place in schools, libraries, community centers, museums, parks and in partnerships with arts organizations.

Exciting News!Miss Navida, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Miss Navida has been awarded a 2014 Creative Curricula Grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.


  • Combine music, movement and storytelling activities in each session
  • Connect with the classroom curriculum
  • Build literacy skills
  • Create community through team work
  • Cultivate awareness through yoga
  • Strengthen listening, focus and concentration skills
  • Write poems and plays through a group process
  • Explore  themes  – for example “Planting the Seeds of Peace” or “Trickster Tales”


  • Fables, Folktales, Fairytales & Myths from around the world
  • Old stories with a new twist
  • Original and multicultural songs and chants
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Audience participation