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In partnership with Arts Horizons and as part of the New York City Board of Education Arts for English Language Learners (ELL) & Students with Disabilities (SWD) initiative,  Miss Navida worked with students at PS 469 in the Bronx in 2015.  Here’s a wonderful look at how Miss Navida’s workshops in storytelling, music and puppet making allowed Kindergarten and 1st grade students to blossom artistically and also their achieve social, emotional & academic goals.


Miss Navida takes 3rd graders on a journey to the ancient world using storytelling, music, movement & puppets. Students learn about commerce and trade in the ancient world and using their imaginations travel in caravan on the Ancient Silk Road from X’ian in China all the way to Rome. Miss Navida (aka Navida Stein) was a recipient of a 2014 Creative Curricula Grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council for this residency.


In 2007, PBS filmed my work with kindergarteners at the Community Roots Charter School in Brooklyn.  These workshops were featured on a PBS special on the connection between community and Brooklyn cultural organizations.

Here’s what principals and teachers say about Miss Navida!

You are an outstanding, talented performer, as well as an excellent educator.  The songs and literature that you share are always effective in strengthening our literacy curriculum.


Once again you have dazzled our children and staff…


You completely captured my entire class in your magical spell and they will not forget you. They want me to invite you back already!……It is a great thing to be able to touch people so deeply.  (We’re all Miss Navida groupies!)


Here’s what kids say about Miss Navida!

Thank_you_Class_MatsSmMy favorite part when you come in is when we pretend to be Giants!

-Jennifer, a kindergartener

Thank you Miss Navida.  I love your songs.  I like to jump.  I like the moon.  Love, Thomas

– a kindergartener

Your music is great.  You are beautiful.  I love trains I liked pretending to be a train.  I love coming to your class.

– Piotr, a kindergartener

Thank_you_Christmas_TreeSmWe love the jumping spots!

– PreK class (Manhattan)

We love roll the ball!‘ – PreK class


You are a very special teacher.  Thank you for showing us a lot of beautiful songs, games and your musical instruments.

– Ximena, 1st grade

Querido Miss Navida.  Yo aprendi mucho de tu.  Yo quiero tu en segundo grado!

– KeeKee. 1st grade

Thank_you_RainbowSmYou are the greatest.  I hope you remember us.  You are wonderful.  You play music on the piano beautiful.

– Stephanie, 2nd grade

I hope I see you next year and you are a beautiful poetry teacher.  I loved you so much.  I wish you were my mom forever.  I hope you have a nice weekend!

– Sheerlene, 4th grade